No, you don’t have to be a “model” to take and treasure beautiful photos of yourself.

Boudoir photography is a unique, memorable and creative way to:

- Celebrate YOU and help you feel confident and sexy in your own skin!
- Give yourself a day of pampering (hair, makeup, and champagne included!) and take a dang break from work and life
- Give a sexy and intimate gift to your partner for a holiday, anniversary, or wedding

And we do all of the above in a safe, comfortable, and trustworthy environment.

Fall in love with yourself

Let’s celebrate you and your body through the art of tasteful and alluring boudoir photography


You’re a woman who either wants to know what it would be like to do a boudoir photoshoot, maybe for yourself or your partner. The sets, the lingerie, the hair & makeup - all of it sounds luxurious, playful, and empowering…but aren’t sure it’s “you.”

Or, maybe you’ve never considered boudoir at all because well, you think “I’m not sexy enough” or “I’m not confident in my body.” You question whether you’re really worth it. 

First of all…hell yes you are! I believe you are sexy and you deserve to feel that way about yourself, however, that looks for you.

If confidence feels difficult (or even impossible), I’d argue that’s the exact reason you need and would LOVE the boudoir experience - especially with us!

It’s time to work with a photographer you can trust and feel safe with so that you can show all of the beautiful and intimate sides of yourself.


I’m Chey (Shy), and my passion is using a camera to help you feel more beautiful in your body

The women I photograph are not models - and you don’t need to be, either.  The women I photograph are mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, single and livin’ it up, working as teachers, nurses, creators, and so on. . 

They are real, everyday people because I believe that every BODY is beautiful in its own way. 

And while you might think “sexy” only looks sultry and suggestive, it can also be playful, full of laughs and smiles, and a hint of silliness! Whatever poses, expressions, and outfits feel the truest to YOU is YOUR version of sexy, and I want that to shine through in photos (and in your life). 

My photography sessions are designed for women and couples who want an easy-going, fun, and comfortable experience. Whether you’re looking for a way to feel sexy and confident in your own skin, or you want to feel the spice and confidence in your relationship, The Wild Side Boudoir is a luxury experience that you can feel safe and supported in.

The Wild Side Boudoir Mission:

We exist to make tasteful and empowering art with women who want to feel intimate in a safe, fun, and creative environment. You will embrace imperfections and leave not only with more confidence, but photos that empower you.

The Wild Side Boudoir Mission:

We exist to make tasteful and empowering art with women who want to feel intimate in a safe, fun, and creative environment. You will embrace imperfections and leave not only with more confidence, but photos that empower you.

love yourself, love your love, love your photos


Why boudoir photography?

I grew up surrounded by women that spent so much time shaming their bodies and themselves. I also knew couples who left intimacy and romance behind to the point where their relationship suffered. If you resonate with either, I’ve been in your shoes. 

Believe it or not, my first boudoir experience was a self-portrait project I did in high school. It was the opportunity I needed to work through my struggles with body image and intimacy, and use my camera to capture my beauty in the only way I had left.

Now, with ten-plus years of photography under my belt, I use my lens to capture the beauty of everyday women just like yourself. Every woman of every shape, size, age, and color deserves to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm here to help you feel that for yourself. 

I've put in hours and hours of work to cultivate a boudoir experience that will empower you to feel confident in your skin and leave you feeling like royalty. 

  • Put away the doubts that keep creeping in telling you that if you just lose ten more pounds you'll be worth it.
  • Calm the nerves that tell you your stretch marks are anything to be ashamed of (I can tell you right now, they're not). 
  • Straighten your crown and remind yourself who the heck you are, because the way I see it, you are one beautiful, amazing, badass woman.

Just sit back, sip on your complimentary coffee, tea, or champagne, and get ready to create beautiful reminders of all the reasons to love yourself, inside and out.

And I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way! Here’s how it works:


Book your phone consultation! That day, we’ll go over wardrobe planning, build a vision board for your photos, and I’ll answer any questions you have so you feel informed and excited about your experience. Finally, we’ll get your photo session in the books!


Photo day! You’ll be welcomed into the studio with your beverage of choice…and did I mention you get the full hair and makeup treatment?!  Your session also includes posing guidance and direction, plus a little goodie bag of fun surprises!


Receive your gallery reveal with professionally enhanced images of the gorgeous Y-O-U or you and your partner! Custom packages will also include luxury products with your photo delivery.



“Chey is the real deal! Such a pro, who genuinely adores her work, and it shows. From start to finish in my boudoir shoot I felt cared for, listened to, and centered in the experience.
She has a great eye for light and poses, so I didn’t have to think about anything but enjoying my life. I brought all my heaviest lewks and had a freakin blast.”

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Ready to feel stunning, and discover self-love?

(because you deserve it!)

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