What is a Client Closet?

A client closet is essentially a collection of lingerie I've collected for you to use during your Luxury Boudoir Experience or Intimate Couples Experience. Let's be honest, lingerie is expensive and for some, it's only worn on special occasions. My client closet is designed to give you plenty of options for what to wear during your photoshoot without having to stress about going to the store and anxiously wading through the piles of lace, satin, and g-strings, ordering something online that doesn't look nearly the same as it did on the model in the photos, and the cost associated with making sure you have plenty of options to add some variety to your sexy photos.

How does it work?

I'm so glad you asked! Each Luxury Boudoir Experience includes a FREE Phone Consultation. If you are interested in using pieces from the client closet, All of our pieces will be listed in a style guide that will be available upon request for you to browse during your FREE Phone Consultation. This comprehensive style guide will include details on what styles look best on different body types, how to dress them up or dress them down, and more. If you choose to use the client closet, a small add-on fee of $100 will be included in your session cost. This allows you to select up to three different pieces to wear during your session. You are still able to bring your own lingerie and use a combination of both if you'd like!

I currently have fifteen different lingerie pieces for you to choose from. The sizes range from XS-XXL, and I am looking to expand to even more sizing to make sure everybody and every-body feels included! I also have a couple of one-size-fits-all robes for you! As I continue to expand the client closet I'll also be expanding the different styles that are available! Currently we have a corset top, several teddies and baby-doll style pieces, some bra-panty sets, and more! And last but not least, let's talk color... Currently we have lots of pinks, reds, blacks and whites after preparing things for all of the pre-Valentine's Day clients. As the year goes on I will have a more broad selection of colors to complement your skin tones and the vibe you're looking for! All of our pieces will be listed in a style guide that will be available upon request for you to browse during your FREE Phone Consultation!

Isn't that kinda gross?

Sharing lingerie sounds kinda gross right? I felt the same way when I originally heard about the idea of a client closet for boudoir. After doing lots of research, I've taken several steps to ensure that the ick-factor is eliminated and everything is as sanitary as possible! If you are interested in using the client closet, we ask that you bring a thong or seamless panty that is as close to your skin color as possible. You'll be wearing this under the lingerie during your session, then I'll edit out the seams during the editing process. No one will ever know! Then after each session, all lingerie used from the client closet gets washed. I only take on one-two clients per day so this allows ample amounts of time for me to ensure the lingerie you want to use is clean and available for you during your Luxury Boudoir Experience.

What if you don't have my size?

I aim to make your experience with us as inclusive as possible. That includes ensuring the client closet has a wide range of sizes for all body types. If you don't see your size or there's a certain style you're pining after, take a moment to fill out our client closet questionnaire by requesting the questionnaire from our contact page! The questionnaire includes a quick couple of questions that allows you to request different pieces be added to the client closet. I am always looking for ideas on how to make you feel celebrated, loved, and sexy as hell. Your input matters.

Still skeptical?

No worries at all! I've spent tons of time researching the best places to get your own personal lingerie for your Luxury Boudoir Experience. My favorite local shop here in Denver is Femme Fatale Intimates on South Broadway. They have a VERY inclusive selection to choose from, and you can even book a styling session that is free with your purchase! I've sent so many clients to this local business and I haven't had anyone walk away disappointed yet!

Not interested in in person styling? I have my own styling guide for you in PDF form that will help you figure out which style is right for your body type. Send me a message on my Contact Page to get your copy today!

Thanks for joining me on the wild side!

Wildly with love,