My Inspiration:

A few years ago I finally decided to make the leap and launch a photography business. I'd been doing photography for over a decade and took on clients here and there just for fun, but I hadn't really taken it seriously. I felt stuck in my full time career and felt like I'd lost my creative spark, so I created Little Wild Photo Co.. I hadn't really decided on a niche, I just knew I needed to start somewhere. Then it happened...

My beautiful friend reached out to me and asked if I'd ever considered doing a sexy photoshoot. She said she didn't feel comfortable with her body anymore after having two babies. She didn't recognize herself in the mirror, rarely had any time for herself since she was a stay at home momma, and had lost confidence in herself. I'd known this beautiful soul for years, and my heart broke for her. So, I told her I'd give it a shot! I even bought her a cute lingerie piece for the photoshoot, took a few online classes on how to photograph boudoir, researched poses, and practiced how to coach someone into them. Then I flew to the great state of Texas!

We spent an entire day taking photos around her home. It was a slow process at first because she was a little nervous and stuck in her head (A COMPLETELY NORMAL REACTION), but once we cranked the tunes and dove in she completely opened up and started genuinely having FUN! Fast forward to the gallery reveal, She was so happy! She felt more confident in herself and how she looked, she started taking time for herself, and stopped the negative self talk. I knew right then and there this was what I was meant to do.

A little over a year later, I had developed a full on experience that included hair, makeup, champagne, wardrobe planning and so much more. Then comes my favorite part... I got to take her through the full experience one year later! The difference in her confidence was monumental. See for yourself below!

My Why:

Seeing my friend LIGHT UP when she saw herself from this completely new perspective sparked my WHY. I wanted to help every woman feel as good as she did. Since that very first photoshoot I've helped hundreds of women discover that sense of self-empowerment. I've had the opportunity to shed tears of joy with clients who see themselves as truly beautiful for the first time ever during a Luxury Boudoir Experience with me. I've seen women go from dreading seeing themselves in the mirror, to hanging wall art of their boudoir photos in their homes or taping printed copies of their boudoir photos somewhere they will regularly see them as a reminder of just how incredibly sexy they are.

We live in a society that routinely tells women how they should look, what they should wear, and how they should act. Stepping out of that archetype is such a freeing feeling because you get to stop holding yourself to impossible standards of beauty that may not be attainable for some. We as women have a unique ability to create our own style and express ourselves with what we wear, how we walk, how we talk, how we celebrate each other. When you are confident in yourself and comfortable in your own skin, you glow in a way that inspires so many others around you.

What's stopping you?

The Luxury Boudoir Experience is all about pampering you and helping you to feel empowered. That being said, it's also a journey to self-love. Many times clients come into the studio full of nerves, questioning whether or not their photos are going to turn out the way they'd hoped, or whether they're going to enjoy themselves. I've been there! Opening yourself up to this kind of honesty and vulnerability is challenging, but the reward for tackling that fear and fully embracing your flaws and imperfections, your beauty inside and out... It's more than worth it. And if you're sitting there reading this questioning whether or not you have time to treat yourself or even deserve to treat yourself to a day of Luxury, I can promise you... You deserve every minute of the joy you'll be experiencing when you book with me.


Wildly with love,